Logan West photography is an Auckland based creative studio specialising in professional photography services.

Get to know Logan.


From a young age, Logan has been fascinated by the idea of a photo and manipulating an image. Having a camera close by was a part of his early years, documenting memories through photos which sparked his initial interest in photography. 

Logan’s history with storytelling and photography dates back to 2011. From what began as an interest after taking a photography class in high school, Logan quickly developed his talent in the art of photography, capturing local events at his home base in rural Ngatea, and surrounding neighbourhood towns.

In 2014 he relocated to Auckland to expand his expertise and passion in a professional capacity. Since then, he’s continued to develop the critical skills and  further his passion of capturing moments of still photography in a variety of creative settings. 

Although Auckland based, he’s a frequent traveller who enjoys working across the country. He’s inspired by the range of people, places and events he has been fortunate enough to experience in the photography landscape. He is best known for his speciality in commercial, automotive and event photography.

Logan has learned that no two days are the same in the photography landscape and has developed a natural ability to adapt his creative skillset to suit a fast-paced environment. He is best known for his automotive, creative, and event photography work. 

Although Logan has a relaxed and relatable attitude, his down-to-earth nature means he genuinely cares about the brands he works with and the content he curates; so storytelling and creating content that looks and feels like yours is crucial for his process.

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